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I have around 10 stock builds in progress with 4 at an advanced build stage heading towards paint. When I finish one you'll see it here with specification and price.

Crafted as one-offs and made entirely in my own shop, every stock instrument is built with the same painstaking attention to detail as a full custom one, using stable tonewoods and world-class electronics and hardware.

I work on them between custom builds which have to be my priority as a business. My clients fund their builds with stage payments which are my life blood.

You can see my stock builds as I work on them over on Instagram, which is my main shop window.


When I feature them in posts and Reels on Instagram they are always marked as "AVAILABLE!".

The only ways to secure one of my stock builds are to either:

Sign-up to my Stock Build Mailing List below or

Check this web page on a regular basis, but risk missing out on a great deal!

When a stock build is finished everyone on the Stock Build Mailing List will get one e-mail about the bass. You can unsubscribe at any time and I guarantee that I won't share your details or deluge you with unsolicited mail. You'll get only stock build alerts.

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