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Our Points Of Difference

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5. Nut made in-house from Graphtec, Delrin or brass. A "zero fret" is also available as a no-cost option

3. Birdseye Maple headstock plate to front, 4.5mm thick or no plate with headstock face painted to match body (no-cost option, chambering omitted) 

10. Chambers in body contributing to a supremely light but resonant instrument

4. Hipshot Ultralight tuners (made in USA), recessed into headstock

6. Bound fretboard with block inlay, as standard. 4 compound radius specifications to choose from (at no extra cost): 10" to 13", 12" to 16", 12" to 18", 12" to 20" and 14" to 20"

7. "Narrow/Medium" fret wire as standard for a sleek, fast feel (Width: 2.03mm, Crown: 1.02mm). Other wire sizes available to suit your preference as a no-cost option

9. Fast, slim neck profile, "J" influenced, 22 frets. Symmetric, asymmetric and asymmetric with "thumb-groove" rear profile options (at no extra cost)

12. Proprietary neck/body joint , enhancing sonic coupling and neck-to-body alignment

13. Recessed hexagon socket heel fixing screws for world-class mechanical and sonic coupling.  

11. Schaller strap lock pins, as standard

14. Dished rear to heel area of body for easy access to high frets

8. "Bar"fret markers to the side. Subtly luminescent as standard, or choose a simple contrast to the binding (a no-cost option)

15. Bartolini pickups

16. Tri-point pickup height adjustment from rear

17. Hipshot bridge

18. John East UNI PRE (18 Volt), including true passive/active switching

19. Neutrik locking jack socket

20. Hipshot string ferrules

1. Chambers in headstock above A & D strings, behind our logo inlay

2. Attention to detail with perfect string alignment above nut to tuners

18. Hipshot Bridge

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