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As commisioned by Roger Inniss

Bassworks' J6-24 "Nagamaki" series of basses owe some of their inspiration to Leo Fender's bold asymmetric design in the 1960s.

Despite their design influences, our instruments strive to improve on what has gone before. Our chambered body option with bolt-on neck is supremely light but strong and resonant. Alternatively the J6-24 is available in a neck-through-body option with a multi-laminate neck made from tapered "stringers" and a slimline 38mm thick body.

If you choose the bolt-on neck, our proprietary heel joint is very special and unique to us. It enhances sonic coupling and neck-to-body alignment.

The J6-24 sports Bartolini Quad coil pickups. From "Jaco to Jamerson" in an instant. Other pickup combinations are available.

30+ years of playing and our skilled manufacture deliver the tone, playability and reliability that all bass players deserve to enjoy in the JPJ5 series.

Crafted in small batches and entirely in our own shop, every instrument is built with the same painstaking attention to detail, using stable tonewoods and world-class electronics and hardware.

I am currently working with the great British bass player, Musical Director and Producer Roger Inniss on his custom J6-24 bass!

6 String
35" scale length (889mm)
24 frets
Hipshot 0.750" (19.05mm) bridge on bolt-on neck, 0.789" on neck-through-body version
Choice of constant or compound radii for fretboard
Swamp Ash or American Red Alder body (Chambered on bolt-on neck version)

Birdseye Maple headstock plate or painted headstock
Neck profile: Custom slim "J" influenced, other neck profiles are available including asymmetric and asymmetric with "thumb groove"
2 carbon fibre re-inforcement rods
1 piece Canadian Rock Maple neck on bolt-on neck version, multi-laminate tapered stringer on neck-through-body version
Fingerboard: May be specified from Ebony, Rosewood or Bordseye Maple (side markers, block inlays, bound), other woods are available
Bartolini PUs
Bartolini 3 band Pre-amp
Telecaster style side jack
Hipshot (USA) Bridge and Ultralite tuners

Graphtec TUSQ XL nut (Black)
2-way truss rod,  heel access for bolt-on neck, headstock access for neck-though-body version
Choice of  fret wire with "Invisible Fret Ends"

Hiscox custom hard case included

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