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Having studied several martial arts over 40 years or so, I confess that I am fascinated with the culture of Japan.


Whilst several of my designs are inspired by the American Leo Fender, my manufacturing focuses on lean and agile principles, for which Japan has a World leading reputation.

All of my instrument designs have two names. A Western modern identifier like JPJ5 and a Japanese hand weapon, such as the "Katana" sword.

I'm therefore proud to present to you a collaboration of several artists and artisans in my first batch of premium quality, hand printed, inspired by the culture of Japan!

The talented graphic artist Stephanie Jordan realised my concept exactly as I dreamed it. Thanks Steph!

Takao Hirayama San provided us with Kanji and the closest Japanese to English translations. Takao is the owner of Luminlay, a material of his that I proudly use in my work.

Artisan screen printer Rick Newham optimised Steph's work for screen print and lovingly produced an initial batch of 20 T shirts from his Works in Leicester. His work has been applied to Gildan "gd08", heavyweight, premium quality, soft feel black T shirts.

Sizes currently left are: SO SORRY! - WE ARE SOLD OUT.

Stock list was updated 25 August 2020.

I'd be delighted to ship these out in the UK for £20 plus £3.99 P&P each (Royal Mail signed for, second class). If you are abroad, please DM me for a quote for international shipping.

I require 20 pre-orders to peoduce another batch of these fabulous quality shirts. Please DM me if you might be interested?

Thanks for considering a purchase, my profit is notional on such a quality artisan made T shirt, but every little bit really helps me continue through these difficult times. If these go well, you'd really be boosting three creatives here, me, Steph and Rick!


Please stay safe out there.


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