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Bassworks hits Rockfield Studios

I recently had the honour of tracking the Bass for The Nile Deltas debut EP "Life" at Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire.

Naturally I took one of my own.

It's my treasured Bassworks JPJ5 in Sonic Blue "flat" finished Nitro with a mint green pickguard.

It has a lightly chambered Swamp Ash body, Canadian Rock Maple neck with Birdseye Maple Headstock plate (both satin oil finished) and my proprietary neck to body joint geometry.

The fretboard and pickup ramp are Rosewood from a large board gifted to me by my old school friend Chris Whitlock 25 years ago (therefore and sadly - I have no chain of custody documentation), with white Mother Of Pearl fret markers and Luminlay side dot markers.

It sports Bartolini noise cancelling P and J pickups, a 4 band Mike Pope pre-amp similar to those used by Fodera (Brooklyn, NY, USA) and all Hipshot hardware.

I love the tone and feel of my bass so much, that I haven't picked up any of my Laklands for quite some time. Happy and sad at the same time! You'll probably spot them on ebay sometime soon! ;-)

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